Camp Nine road at put-in.

Camp Nine road at put-in.

At put-in on the Stanislaus River at Camp Nine, rafters parked on the road to blow up boats, carry gear down to the water, and give safety talks to passengers.

Guides pumping up a boat at the river's edge.

Pumping up a boat on the river's edge.

Rafters would carry their blown-up rafts down a short hill to the river to put them into the water. Then, they would rig the boat with whatever gear they wanted to bring. One-day trips typically only had lunch and safety gear, while overnight trips would have a lot more gear -- carried in "oar boats" while most passengers paddled in a paddle boat.

O.A.R.S. guide Scotty Stevens giving the passengers a safety talk.

O.A.R.S. guide Scotty Stevens giving his passengers a safety talk. 

A safety talk would cover all of the essential safety information for being on the river. Although this would of course include how to behave on the river and what to do if you ever found yourself out of the boat, in reality the threats most likely to occur were typically on shore -- tripping over rocks, running into rattlesnakes, slipping and falling, etc.